One more present finished

I guess I can blog about this, because the chance of my sister reading this blog before Christmas is pretty slim. I got her present done on Friday and shipped it off with a promise from the post office that it would arrive before Christmas. I had a bunch of gifts for her and her boys (Mom, if you're reading this, I got all of those gifts for Alice on good sales!) and no appropriately sized box, but everyone was very helpful and gracious in the post office on Friday afternoon. Believe it or not, I was able to get there once the snow subsided, but the post office is only eight blocks from here. Plus, her boys' birthdays are right around the corner, so I always send those in the same box.

Four years ago, I made her a tree skirt from a preprinted panel that was from this same line of fabric. So when I found this panel on vacation in Nova Scotia three summers ago, I bought it and a different one and let my two sisters choose which one they wanted. Alice's had to get done first because it was being shipped, but Deb's is almost there; it just needs to be pressed and then it will be ready to wrap. I also completed one more tree skirt that matches this wall hanging (the last one I had) for my cousin who just moved into a new place. I found some lovely Christmas stockings and ornaments and plan to give it to her today at Christmas with my Dad's family. I did most of the work on the wall hangings and tree skirt Thanksgiving weekend, so it's a little pitiful that it took me this long to get the hand sewing and the detail work done on them, but I'm very much a just-in-time creator during the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Ha this sister read it before Christmas!!!!

Linda said...

There ARE other surprises for you!! Stop reading my blog and go figure out what kind of stack n whack you want.

Alice said...

Ha! I finally read it too! Just took me longer! I had to move AND read 430 pages of tax training in the last week so there!

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