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On my Friday off, I made a bunch of cards (not enough, but a bunch). I wanted to make more, but after the clock passed midnight, I had to stop. I'd watched several Christmas classics while I worked on them, and always find something amusing that I hadn't noticed before in those movies (more later).

About the card inspiration: I went to a stamping party a week ago and got so excited about making cards that I decided to make cards for some of my friends. I used some decorative papers, figured out how to use my Fiskars Shape Boss Ultimate Embossing System, played with some stamps, and mixed some paper colors. I'm all about making multiples this time of year, so I made about a dozen of each card, swapping out colors as I went along. I've got more to make, and I'll be experimenting more in the coming week.

As for the old movies, I was watching Miracle on 34th Street and at the end, Susan runs into the house and her mother says something like "Susan, you know you shouldn't run in other people's house." Seriously, if the kid opened the door of a stranger's house and walked or ran in, wouldn't you think that there'd be more important things to discipline her for than for running in the house? Yes, it was late at that point, but really, I couldn't stop giggling over the idea that that was what the kid was getting in trouble for. And that's when I realized it was time to get some sleep.

And though I didn't get some of the other projects done, my high-school buddies who gathered for lunch on Saturday were pleased that I made some cards. After all, doesn't everyone need some all-occasion cards for those last minute "thinking of you" cards?

No, my Christmas tree still isn't decorated, but the house is clean. Unfortunately, the sewing room got a little cluttered in the picking-up process. My plan for New Years Eve, Day, and the next weekend is a total re-org of the sewing room. I might even take that Friday off and have 4-1/2 days to do a full-blown drag-everything-out-and-get-rid-of-some-things weekend. I know, it's a fabulous life of glamour that I lead, isn't it?


Tammy said...

Rubber stamping can be addictive. I'm surprised it never became as popular as scrapbooking.

Linda said...

It really is addictive, Tammy. I'm having a ball, now that I moved all the stuff into the living room. It's a little crowded and messy, but I'm making it work. And I can turn the TV around 180 so I can still watch movies!

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