And after a weekend, the Spud update

First, the update on Mr. Potato Head. As you can see, the pranksters have been back. The news report on the cabinet reads:

Mr. Potatohead found dead; foul play suspected
by Julienne French
Animated Priss writer

The body of famed vegetable Mr. Potatohead was discovered at his post early Friday. Police released few details except to say the circumstances are suspicious and they are investigating the death as a homocide.

A cleaner alerted authorities after she found the corpse on a file cabinet on the second floor. Mary Au Gratin, who has worked for Cheesy Cleaners for more than six months, told the Animated Priss Mr. Potatohead appeared to have been mutilated. "It looked like he'd been ... peeled," Au Gratin said, choking back tears. "Every time I close my eyes, all I see is the pale white flesh. It was awful."

Police refused to confirm that Mr. Potatohead was the latest victim of the serial killer known as the Milwaukee Mashers. "That kind of idle speculation leads to public panic," a spokesman said.

As you can see from the picture, this chip bag arrived today. Note the additional details added in the potatoes on the back of the bag--faces and Santa hats! I'm hoping this is the end of the saga, as I'd like to put the whole Mr. Potato Head saga (and Mr. Potato Head himself) to rest.


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