A mystery solved

So this is the final installment of the Mr. Potato Head saga. I came into the office Monday to find him in this condition... his body, beard, and hat tossed aside, and a French fry container as a torso. And today, a confession. The coworker I originally suspected, Aaron, confessed to most of the mayhem. I say most, because even he was surprised the day the potato chip bag arrived. Turns out that someone else joined in the fun.

Another friend at work, Judi, told the story to her grandchildren. And her eldest granddaughter Kacha asked for the potato chip bag they'd just emptied at lunch and added her artwork to it. Like the fabulous grandmother that she is, Judi pledged assistance and planted the bag on the file cabinet for Kacha. So I especially want to thank them both for playing along and for joining in the fun. Even Aaron appreciated her involvement.

I couldn't bear to bring him home quite yet, so he's still at the office. But his story has certainly been entertaining to a lot of people, so thanks, Aaron!


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