A whole new wardrobe

As previously mentioned in my Gifts of Time and Talents blog and my Beaded Utensils blog, I had decided that a little girl I knew needed some doll clothes for her new 18" friend. So Saturday, I took some time to whip up some new creations.

I did this a few years ago for my friend Janet's two girls (a few? okay, 8 years ago, time sure flies). I made entire wardrobes for an 18" American Girl doll and a 23" My Twinn doll, including wardrobe cabinets from Foamcore to house the trousseau, hangers, and even shoes. I had each doll for "an adventure," similar to what you might do with a Flat Stanley doll. I took the dolls places, took their pictures at various events, and wrote a little letter about their "visit to Aunt Linda's house". I also took pictures of the dolls in their clothes that I gave the girls once they opened their presents. The borrowing became a necessity when I made the first outfit for one of the dolls and discovered that there are differences in the patterns and that the Magic Attic doll is slimmer than the American Girl doll of the same height. But I digress.

Since I was very organized when I did this 8 years ago, I had filed all of the Butterick pattern pieces for each garment in its own garment-specific Ziplock bag and marked them "pants A" or "cardigan B". This made whipping up a collection of items much quicker! So in about 8 hours on Saturday, I was able to use up leftover fabrics from previous projects and sew up a creative wardrobe for Lexie, the new doll, in the process. Since they're almost like making very small baby clothes, construction is a snap. The little one seemed pretty happy to have new clothes for Lexie and the pj's match her bedding!


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