Craft room organization

It's amazing what you can get done when you 1) turn off the television and 2) pledge to accomplish something. I got on a bit of a binge Thursday night and it carried through to the weekend. Okay, this might be a rambly story, so get cozy. It started Thursday night, the night the snow started at 4:50 p.m. My evening plans to hang out with a cutie patootie 2-year-old changed because her Dad's appointment got cancelled. So I was planning to work late until I noticed that the snow had started. Why that seemed to trigger a "let's hit the highway" thought, I have no idea, as it's never the best idea to leave the office the minute the snow starts because the highway home is always slow-going because everybody else had the same idea! But I had a book-on-tape to accompany me, so I departed. Though the commute was, in fact, slow, I got home at 6, which was much early than I've gotten home in a while.

On the drive home, I was thinking I should embellish a few things in my closet for an upcoming trade show (a deadline is always a good motivator for me). I knew I had some clothes in the sewing room that were waiting to be taken in. Among them, I was sure was that really cute skirt—the print is this adorable skirts-tops-shoes-hosery print. It would be SO FUN with a little clothesline of clothes appliqued above the hem. I also knew that somewhere in that room was the yummy blue fabric I hoped to whip up in a Kwik Sew pattern. But I've told you time and again about the state of the sewing/craft room (a mess), so I knew finding these two things would be no small feat.

So bravely into the mess I ventured. The search for those two items made me frustrated at myself for the mess that I'd let that room become. Thus started the cleaning binge. I straightened and organized and discovered lost things (yes, MORE lost things). And then, on Friday night, at the start of my "no plans—sheer bliss" weekend, I straightened and organized a little more. Saturday, I sewed at the dining room table, as I watched The West Wing Season 4 on DVD. And by Sunday, I rearranged some furniture in that sewing room and I was actually able to move the sewing machine from the dining room table into my once-again functional sewing room! WOO HOO! I even vacuumed!

It never seems to stay as neat as it is right now, but I'm hoping that I can do a better job of it this year.

I didn't hang any pictures in my sewing room, though I might do so soon. Since I rent, I have no plans to paint, but I can surely do a little more to make this space my own. Though you can't really see it in the pictures, there's a box spring and mattress up against the wall on the right taking up valuable wall space. I think they might have to go—they're for the spare bed and there's no way that there will ever be space in this room for the spare bed to be set up.

I did take a little time this weekend to peruse a site I'd heard about. Though my room isn't inspiring yet, I found some online that were. Check out Rate My Space on the HGTV site. You can narrow the field using keywords: sewing, scrapbook, or craft (craft gets you Craftsman houses and style as well, so it's not as productive as a search tool). Talk about great storage and workspace ideas! Whether you choose to browse, rate, or get inspired to post your own, it's a site that's full of inspiration and ideas. But if you post your own, let me know by posting a comment here, because I'm always looking for new ideas.


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