Creative recharge

What a great weekend! First, I found some amazing clothing deals around town. I had to alter one of the skirts (last of its kind) and shorten one of the dresses, but that just motivated me to do the same with a few things that had been tossed into the sewing room to be altered, so the bonus is now I have a few more items back in my closet and out of the sewing room.

The underlying reason for this spree was that my blogging friends have helped me with one of my pledges for this year. Lest you've forgotten, at the end of 2007, I was involved in Ornament Thursday. This blogger exchange involved a bunch of creative gals, and several Thursdays in December, we posted Christmas ornaments on our blogs. I got so many great ideas visiting the other blogs and made some new friends and magazine contacts along the way! So this same creative group decided we should keep it going with one post a month. The posts will be themed, with the "Ornament" part really being the origin of the group--so anything goes as far as the finished piece! (Of course, once the holidays draw near again, we'll go back to ornaments and increase the frequency.) So one of the garments (can't tell you more than that right now) will be my first Ornament Thursday posting! Be sure to check in this Thursday (the fourth Thursday of each month) and see what everyone has going on!

And by the way, lesson learned: When a care tag on a knit garment says, "hang to dry", it probably doesn't mean, "tumble dry low". Luckily, rewetting immediately after noticing the loss in length, a some gentle tugs to the bottom of the dress, and hanging to dry seems to have corrected my error, though it's still drying in the basement because thick knit hanging dry doesn't happen in two hours--even with the fan set on high! Perhaps next time, the better solution is to launder first THEN shorten! Or actually paying attention to the care label...


Linda said...

Always launder first

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