Cookie day

One of the relaxing days this past four-day holiday weekend found me speckled with flour as I made numerous batches of cookies, several from the Betty Crocker Cooky Book circa 1963 (shown in the picture).They reprinted in 2002 and I bought one for my sister, but I have an original that Mom picked up at a flea market when I threatened to kidnap hers. The thing I love about this used version is that it came complete with cookie-batter stained pages. I take this as a recommendation from the previous owner, almost better than words written in the margins. After all, if the pages look used, the cook was either very messy (a kindred spirit) or she made some recipe on that page often. The other thing I love about this cookbook is that it's chock full of pictures of the cookies along with names and page numbers. Sometimes I don't remember all my favorites by name, but I sure do remember what they looked like!

I also made some new favorites this year—things like the little pretzels (I use the square ones) with Rolo's melted on top (recipe courtesy of Blain's Farm & Fleet) and cherry chocolate blossoms (similar to the peanut butter blossoms with the Hershey's kiss in the middle, but these have maraschino cherries in the dough instead of peanut butter). Only two mad dashes to the grocery store for forgotten ingredients this year.
And a lesson learned—a soft and cuddly fleece top isn't quite so soft and cuddly when you splatter cookie batter on it! Did I mention that I'm a messy baker?

On a crazy side note, there's always been this funny story about some distant cousin of mine looking a lot like Betty Crocker and having worked at General Mills decades ago. Family members often wondered if she was part of the composite they used to create the first Betty. To learn more about the history of Betty Crocker, click here for a link to a PDF of her history.


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