Ornament Thursday part 3

Welcome to the final installment of Ornament Thursday. Here's my little guy. He's adapted from a pattern that I saw in Love of Quilting magazine—he was one of four snowman blocks in the middle of a table centerpiece on the cover and he was a much larger block. I decided he'd be an adorable ornament, so I took the basic lines and drafted him in Quark (it was what I had available) and turned him into a foundation-pieced ornament. (For the non-quilters: Foundation piecing is sewing pieces of fabric to a foundation and, in this case, the foundation was paper. I tore the paper off after it was done, but it keeps everything very accurate.)

Again, I copied a bunch of foundation papers when I decided to make him two years ago (same reason as the other one—GREAT take-along ornament that just didn't get finished in the timely manner I had planned). I cut and sewed about a dozen at that time, but I'd copied many more foundations than that (I always think big). So on that snow day last week, the foundations were right there waiting, as were the fabrics that I'd used for the other ornaments. He sews together very fast, and then I just embroidered a little nose and sewed on the bead eyes and mouth, added a hanger and back and stuffed him through the opening in the back.

I saw one of his brothers while I was at my parent's house this weekend; they got one of last year's models. I noticed that hers had little embroidered cheek circles, a bigger carrot nose, and French knots for the eyes and mouth, but I still think this one has character.

I know right now, some of you are reflecting back to where I said something about "the foundations were right there waiting, as were the fabrics...." and you're probably starting to think, "Linda sure has a lot of thing sitting around in that sewing/craft room of hers." Yes, the truth is, that room is a big mess. Projects don't usually get completely put away, there's a spare mattress and box springs leaning upright against the wall (NO floor space to set that up!), I have shelves and containers everywhere for storage in addition to the two old dressers and one old bookcase, and it really does need serious attention. Maybe next week I'll work on a list of resolutions for 2008. Though I'm embarrassed to admit that I think getting that room in order was on the 2007 list... and the 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003....


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