Gifts of time and talents

As I spend some quiet time at home this holiday weekend (greatly needed quiet time), I'm actually doing a little reflecting, taking stock of my life, if you will. (There's a great line about "taking stock" from Grosse Point Blank, one of my favorite movies that I hope to indulge in this weekend, but I digress.) More specifically, I'm taking time to reflect on the flurry of activities this past month, the time spent with friends and family, and the treasures beneath my tree.

I'm a lucky girl when it comes to gifts. I hope I give gifts that are as perfect for the recipient as I seem to receive. Now don't get me wrong, I love everything I receive, but I especially love the gifts of time and the gifts of talent.

This year, my cousin Kathy gave me an extra special gift of talent that really tugged at my heartstrings. There's a man in her church who does beautiful crochet work. I know this because he made a lovely outfit for Kathy and Bob's baby girl last year. So this Christmas, she presented me with a beautiful hanky with crocheted lace edging that he crocheted. And Kathy embroidered my initials on it as well. Now Kathy admitted to me afterward that she doesn't think she's very good at embroidery, but I think she did a lovely job and it's going to be my cherished possession forever. And probably the part that means even more to me than the physical gift is that she carved time out of her busy mom's schedule to embroider it! It's a true heirloom and a loving expression of her amazingly gracious heart.
So, again, as I think about goals and aspirations for the new year, I find myself thinking that I want to do more to share my talents with others. I have extra yarn that could turn into mittens, hats, or scarves for family, friends, or even strangers. I have cardmaking supplies that could be turned into cards to send thoughts of care and friendship, sharing joy or comforting a concerned soul. I have fabric that could be converted to doll clothes or kids clothes for a child I know and love or for a child who has little. I have clothes that no longer work for me; do I donate them or rework them or do I rework them and sell them on etsy (hmm, that thought hasn't danced through my mind before, I might have to ponder that for a while). And since I have my two hands and my still-active mind to make all of that happen, all I need now is a little dedication to a promise. So keep me honest, blog-friends of mine, and I'll do the same for you. My creative goal for 2008 is to post at least one new creation a month (one a week seems unfathomable at this moment). Wanna join me? Post a comment and let me know and we'll figure out a way to keep all of us creating or recreating something in the new year.


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