Spent the weekend recharging in Charleston, SC with one of my best girlfriends who moved there a few months ago. She moved into a new house with a few more rooms than her last one, so we spent part of Friday bumming around town, hitting fabric stores and antique markets for some decorative touches. We laughed a lot while we were shopping (as we always do) for clothes, shoes, and accessories (personal and home), swapping ideas.

It was so fun to go to another part of the country and see how location influences decor and fashion. First, since it was very warm, all the ladies were sporting sundresses and cute floaty tops with great surfaces screaming for embellishment. And the influence of the water and the beach showed in the colors and patterns in the home stores. What a difference than what we see in Milwaukee shops. Not that I don't love what I find here, but it's just so different than what I saw there. Even the exterior colors of the homes were different--inspired, I imagine, by Charleston's famous Rainbow Row.

Though there was much to see and do, we saved some of it for next time. But when I got home, I found myself thinking of places here that I've been meaning to visit and just haven't gotten there yet. Maybe I'll make a list and set some goals. After all, you can find inspiration anywhere--even in your own hometown.


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