Busy life with creative outlets

Where does the day go? Meetings and more, and here it is, 6 p.m. and I should head home. But when I get there, there's so much to do THERE too! But I think tonight, amid the laundry and other tasks, I'm going to make time to put the buttons on the backpack I made for my sister. I had such a good time putting it together this weekend! I've had this Rucksack pattern from Bethany Reynolds for years (click to see the pattern; it includes three sizes). I made one for my nephew when he started school. Recently, in need of a creative fix, I stopped by a local quilt shop and picked up some cool, retro-print fabrics in greens, yellows, reds, and blacks and made myself one. When my sister saw it, she begged me for one. So I let her choose her fabrics and she went with bright and tropical, which I have a ton of in my fabric stash. So, I put hers together this weekend and it's adorable, if I do say so myself. All that's left to do are the buttons, and that shouldn't take long.

That's what I love about creative endeavors. I've made the same pattern three times in two sizes and each has been customized to the recipient. I'm even thinking about making myself a toddler-size pack to use instead of a purse on those "traveling light" days. And I know I can either spend a Saturday and make it from start to finish or I can carve out 30 minutes or an hour a few evenings and have it done in a week. I look at projects the same way--some might need to be done over a week (so paint can dry or you can fit it around your schedule) and others can be done while watching a chick flick on the sofa.

Okay, I'd better run. Those buttons are waiting and maybe there's a good movie on...


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