Close ups of a previously posted quilt

I had mentioned that the quilter of my cousin's king-size quilt did a wonderful job. Well, here's are the photos to prove it. I knew I had them somewhere and I ran across them in the reorg that's still going on.

So here are some close-up photos. I tweaked the colors and contrast a bit so you could see the quilting better. In the borders, she quilted lines using green thread and bobbins, which is why it shows up so well on the backing. In the little pieces inner border, and yes, I pieces those strips from the leftover strips cut for the blocks, she quilted those too with ivory thread and bobbin. In the red border strips on either side of the little strips, she quilted a vine pattern. And in the corner blocks of the little strips borders, there's a mini-block--I think it's a mini version of the bigger block used in the center of the quilt. THAT'S the type of detail the quilter put into this project! She did a scrolly square motif in each block using variegated green thread, so it showed in the off-white strips. As you can tell, I was pretty impressed with the quilting--I photographed the back, after all.

To see the quilting better, double-click on the image.


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