Links you'll love: Dec. 19

Had a great time at my family Christmas today. It turns out, despite the fact that I don't feel ready for Christmas, it arrives just the same and no one cares how ready you are. In fact, I didn't care how not-ready I was. Due to my lack of paying attention to the party invitation, it was brought to my attention at 10:15 a.m. that the party started at 1 p.m., not 2 p.m. and was two hours away. But you know what? I bought the groceries I needed and headed out and put together my side dish and appetizer on site at my cousin's house while we all chatted and hung out and it was fine! So ready or not, Christmas will come and everything will be fine! It's about family and friends and festivities, not what decoration are or aren't up, what things are or aren't made, whether the cookies are homemade or store-bought, so give yourself a break, take some time to surf the web and spend time enjoying your life.

Cross Stitch at
Wishing you Merry and Bright holidays with a cheerful free pattern perfect for the holiday season.

The Artful Crafter
Eileen’s been elf-ed! Join in the fun and spread some holiday cheer. There’s still time for a few more elf-ings.

The Crochet Dude
Drew reveals his themed Christmas wrap and also announces a fantastic giveaway!

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
The Holiday Goodness Giveaways are in full swing with lots of great answers to fun questions and a week more to enter to win free books along with a free knit placemat pattern with a plaid detail, ribbon and pom pom trimmed dish towel, apron and Christmas tree how-tos, and an inside peek into artist studio with some fun recycled storage ideas.

About Family Crafts
Find out how you can spread the holiday spirit throughout your entire neighborhood using this fun pass-it-on gift.

Stefanie Girard's Greeting Card Album Craftiness
How to decorate your Greeting Card Album for Christmas and recycle a card from last year with a fabric die cut

Margot Potter-The Impatient Crafter
Know someone bitten by the Twilight bug? Check out Madge's holiday themed Twilight silhouette ornament and pendant project for iLoveToCreate teen!

Aileen's Musings
As a gift to you Aileen's created 2 beauitful recipe cards for you to download and print.

Cathie Filian
Check out Cathie's quick video on how to make a Christmas tree from a tomato cage.

Crafty Princess Diaries
Tammy has received the first submissions for her book's gallery, and talk about impressive! Wow! Some amazing metal jewelry by Victoria Tillotson.

Mixed Media Artist
Make a stab-bound scrapbook or journal to hold all your Christmas cards and memories this year!


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