Cross-stitched Christmas tree decorations

Second, a piece from WAY back--1991 or 1992. I designed the cross-stitched circles for this tree while I worked at McCall's Needlework and Crafts. I created it for another special issue--a Christmas one, though I can't remember which one right now. We did several while I was there--a Christmas cross-stitch, a quick-and-easy Christmas cross-stitch, and a Holiday issue that covered all of the holidays if I remember right. In any case, it hangs on my front door for two reasons--first, because it's large and makes an impact and second, (much more practical) because it's flatter than any wreath I have so the storm door closes (which it wouldn't do with a wreath hanging on the inner door). I'm not the greatest artist so my ex-husband helped me make the characters better looking. As I look at it now, these aren't the greatest characters, even with his help, but I still love it and it still makes me smile. I hope it makes the mailman smile, because he has to look at it every day.


Vicki Holdwick said...


Love the cross stitched tree. It makes me think I should take a picture of a santa cross stitch I did when my kids were little - and my son, the younger, will be 28 on Monday. It has been a loooong time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog,


Anonymous said...

It was hard trying to make those characters look better on a piece of cloth with a bunch of squares on it. It was still one of my favorite pieces, though. It brought a smile to see it again.

The Ex. :)

Linda Augsburg said...

Thanks, Ex. You definitely improved what I started with! It was the fabric that made it difficult! You made the Mr. and Mrs. Santa come to life. Glad you enjoyed seeing it--do we need to work out some type of custody arrangement for the cross-stitched tree?

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