Fat Quarters from Quilter's Destination

Some days, a quilter just needs to be surrounded by fabric. And when you're away from home and can't surround yourself with your own fabric, you find a way to get the fix you need. For me, that usually means visiting a quilt shop. And sometimes it turns into more than a visit, it turns into a shopping excursion.

Case in point, November 29. After a very crazy, five-day break from what has been a very crazy couple months at work and in my life, I found myself feeling the need. And since I was away from home, Quilter's Destination was the closest solution. In case you've forgotten, I've been there before and I blogged about some yardage from there just a few days ago.

While there, I found some smaller pieces than the aforementioned yardage. Just a few fat quarters to round out my colleciton. Turns out, I bought two duplicates from my previous visit there--the little tiled fabrics toward the bottom of the right corner. But otherwise, I did pretty well. Looks like I'm in a green phase. And I love the line in the center bottom--the pink, green, blue and white with the black prints.


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