A lot to do, but a lot accomplished

Yesterday's creative endeavor--the one that I forgot to take a picture of--was dinner--chicken enchiladas verdes, spanish rice, and strawberry shortcakes (from Jiffy muffin mix). I have leftovers of all of it, which is just fine with me. Rich was appreciative of a homemade dinner and I love those enchiladas. And they freeze great, so I can take them for lunch in the days to come.

Meanwhile, over the last few days, I've been getting organized around here. I did a bunch of cleaning up, finishing up the sewing room purging from back in late 2008. I feel like I got a really good handle on what's there to make and my own personal pledge is that I do everything I can to convert those raw materials into finished projects to give as gifts this Christmas. And my pledge is that whatever I don't have turned into projects by the end of 2009 goes to some other creative soul who might want to create something with them. With one exception. I don't think I can give away the printed embroidery-ready pillowcases that I got when my grandmother passed away almost a decade ago that still need to be embroidered. I don't know who will want embroidered pillowcases once I finish them, but I feel the need to finish them anyway.

I've got all of the pieces and parts organized in containers. Now to just figure out what to do with the containers. Maybe once I get the papers and stuff that were from the sewing room and are currently on the sun porch all sorted through, the containers can go out there. Or maybe there's space in the closet in the sewing room... I know, one step at a time...


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