My ninth Colorado quilt shop stop: Golden Quilt Company

I kid you not, I was done shopping for fabric by the time Wednesday rolled around. I'd packed my fabric in a bag that I stowed in the rental car before Chandra and I went up into the mountains, driving over to Golden to see the sites. So as we wandered around downtown Golden, Colorado, we spotted the
Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, but it was such a beautiful day and we had plans for lunch, so we couldn't check it out. However, across the street was Golden Quilt Company, and that would only take a minute, right? I found a few more pieces to add to my stash--they had some lovely batiks--and I was able to find space in my carry-on bag so I could bring them home with me instead of shipping a box back (which was starting to look like a very real possibility!).

So there you have it--the nine shops that I had a chance to visit on my trek to Colorado. It was my first visit to Colorado, and in addition to the shops, I had the chance to drive part way up Pike's Peak, stopped in Manitou Springs (quaint downtown, but no quilting I could find...), drove through Garden of the Gods, went into the mountains west of Denver, had lunch at Red Rock Amphitheater, went WAY up and took pictures from the mountains above Red Rock, had a lovely time catching up with friends and business at the board meeting, and shared some wonderful meals and great family time with Chandra and her amazing family.

Coming soon, progress on an actual project. I promise!


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