The CUTEST hat

My friend, coworker, and carpool buddy, Hazel, picked up knitting in late 2008. I've seldom seen someone embrace a hobby so enthusiastically or skillfully. She's already knitting cables on a scarf, she loves the feeling of yarn, she bought yarn for a sweater, and she made this hat, the cutest hat ever, for a baby shower gift. She found the pattern for the berry baby hat on Ravelry, and I'm telling you, it's so cute that I might have to pick up my knitting needles and make one. (In order to access the pattern, you have to register. But once you do, here's the link: ) Of course, I wouldn't be able to complete it in an evening like Hazel did (overachiever!) (Yes, that's just my envy rearing its ugly head.). But I might be able to complete it in a few evenings. I fear those evenings would be filled with a lot of creative non-cursing (words like shhhhhugarjets--my Mom's famous swear word), as I don't knit often, so it takes me a while to get back in the swing and the progress is SO slow for me. But I digress.

So take a minute, enjoy Hazel's hat, and leave a comment with your compliments for Hazel. I'll be sure to let her know you all appreciate her talents as much as I do.


Anonymous said...

That's is so adorable - not fitting for the dance floor (too many people would try to "pick" it, lol) but just adorable. Great job!


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