Spotted Cow Ice Cream hits the big time and I go shopping for a couch

So I was watching the news when I got home from work and saw a segment about an ice cream store in Peoria that had created some political-themed flavors. I just knew it had to be the shop I worked at in Peoria my senior year and for a few months after graduation, and it was! So here's the story about the Spotted Cow on MSNBC.

Meanwhile, a busy day at work. I went shopping with a friend on lunch--she was looking for a couch and we found one, she bought it, and she's having it delivered on Saturday. It was sweet of her to say that I was a great help in picking it out. I do love shopping for furniture, I just never feel comfortable spending the money. Perhaps interior design or one of those home redo shows should be a future career option... Meanwhile I found several pieces that I would love to own, but I haven't got another inch of space in this flat for more furniture. Plus most of what I found were great print chairs, and with my printed chaise, I can't have another fabulous printed piece of furniture in the living room.

Haven't seen the chaise yet? It's the one in the photo.


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I need a sofa...

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