CHA show--Monday's update

Today I spent a great deal of time in meetings, but I did get a little time on the show floor. And I got to catch up with some more old friends. Michael Jolly and I (right) worked together more than a decade ago in Birmingham, and we got to catch up on our lives and our business ventures. He works at Plaid as their creative director and I can't imagine a better title for him because he's amazing in the creativity department. Cathie Filian took the picture for us even--she's such a creative gal and fabulously friendly to boot!!

I also got to see all the lines that Blue Moon Beads has out right now. In addition to what you see on their web page, I got to preview their new line, called Noir. I didn't think to take a picture of the line, but I'll try to swing by there tomorrow and get a picture. It's a great line--as their press sheet says: edgy, dark, sultry, moody, mysterious, extravagent. Except it won't be extravagent in price, which makes it even better.


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