Mr. Potato Head Santa Spud day 2--Guess someone thought he was being nosy

Oh the horror! I came to work today to discover that my Van Gogh-ed Potato Head was not only missing his ear, but was now without his sniffer! At this rate, he'll be a naked potato by December 18! There is now great concern and distress among my coworkers (in a purely humorous way). We have now added a note written from said Head. The phonetics of it are the sounds of a noseless Potato issuing a plea:

Bleas redurn by dose. Danks. I woulddub devended byself bud I didund hear u cubbing.
Mr. P. Head

The mystery continues.

On a more creative front, I should be posting some completed projects tomorrow or the next day!


Melissa J. Lee said...

Hee, hee. My toddler has a big Mr. Potato Head set he plays with fairly regularly. One of his young friends came over to play and was completely freaked out by all of the body parts lying around on our floor. I guess when you think about it, it _is_ a little unnatural!

Linda said...

It is a little unnatural. And now with the bandages, it's even more so. Turns out that his lips and beard are all one piece, so I had to change the "naked potato" date. Thanks for stopping by, Melissa!

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