"Farewell to arms, or arm, as it were"--Mr. Potato Head

Yes, it's day three and perpetrators have assaulted our hero once more. (For more of the story, read about the van Gogh vandalism and the nosy neighbor nightmare.)

Santa Spud, aka Mr. Potato Head, had his left arm kidnapped overnight. The perp covered the arm hole with a bandage (which matches his potato-skin-tone quite well), and during the course of the day, someone (perhaps the perp, perhaps just a good Samaritan) also covered the nose hole with a bandage. Ironically, they chose a skull-and-crossbone bandage, which pointed to one coworker who claims no involvement in the smuggling of potato parts.

I'm taking Friday off to tend to some Christmas creativity and a few errands, but have a cub reporter in the office who has promised me a photo of what I'm sure will be a less dressed Santa Spud tomorrow.

P.S. Funny story. I was working late and heard a noise outside my door and I popped up to see if someone was pilfering another appendage. Two coworkers were retrieving documents from the printer, and one of them said I "popped out of my chair like a Whac-A-Mole." I'm still laughing at his perfect description of my reaction.


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