Finished another wall hanging

I'm getting so much done in these days before Christmas. Of course, as I mentioned before, I'm very much deadline driven, and, let's be honest, there is a very real deadline here! Today, it's a second nativity wall hanging; this one's for my other sister, Deb. (Alice's is in this post.) I still have to wrap it, but otherwise, it's ready to go. I even have the 3M Command hooks to allow her to hang it without putting nail holes in the wall. (I love those things, but they don't work so well on the un-heated, un-airconditioned, plaster curved ceilings on my sun porch--probably the humidity affects the plaster in the summer or something, but I digress...again.)

In any case, this means I'm getting close to finished. I still want to make more cards to give as gifts and get my Christmas cards and letter written and out, but I have time after Christmas, I suppose. We'll see how tonight and tomorrow night go.


Anonymous said...

Hey there thanks in advance!

Linda said...

You're welcome. Since I showed it to you a while ago (last year, the year prior?), you had to be expecting it sooner or later. See you Christmas day!

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