On the move

For many weeks, you've heard me talk about how crazy life has been. The point of blogging is to share honestly, right? I'm now here to explain the craziness in my life. For those of you who know me personally, you know that my life is very often changing, in fact, one of my nicknames is Gypsy. And now is no exception. Drumroll please......

I'm changing jobs, moving to the farm that inspired this blog's title, and starting on a new adventure. Unfortunately, there will be very little crafting in the next month, since packing will be my main focus (well, that and learning a new job!), but I hope to find a way to share stories and project inspiration along the way.

Meanwhile, thank you all for your patience as my life changes. The suggestion has been made that I should start a packing and moving blog, but who would read that? But some of that might slip in here as I ponder what I get rid of, what I keep, and why.


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