A plastic flower solution for my 3-D wall art

Many years ago, I found this metal urn--basically, it's a 3-D wire sculpture that's slightly domed out and resembles an urn--it's not as deep as if it was an urn that was cut in half, but it does have depth. When I bought it, I had this great idea of turning it into a larger 3-D wall art piece, but never could get all of it pulled together, so I've just used it as wall art as-is.

Let me explain what I had in mind. I thought I'd start with a big primed canvas on stretchers. When I say big, I mean 24" wide x 48" or so tall. I'd add a wooden support across the back where I'd attach the urn, which measures about 17" wide, 24" high, and 4" deep. I planned to paint the canvas first, with a base color and then maybe some very bright flowers. But I wanted to have some three-dimensional flowers "in" the urn, extending out from the artwork. Now remember, I'm not really a painter, and I hadn't yet figured out how I was going to actually paint this, much less how I was going to create 3-D flowers. I thought about paper flowers, considered fabric flowers, and have been stymied on this project for probably 6 years.

But today I received a newsletter from BHG.com (Better Homes & Gardens) and there was a link to a slide show about recycled garden art. And it made me think that it's possible that I've found the answer to how to make the 3-D flowers. I'll need to ponder this a little more, but I'm pretty excited about the possibilities, thanks to Dave and BHG.com!


The Homesteading Apartment said...

So fun!!! I can't wait to see the final design (: Don't you love it when you have part of an idea...then aren't quite sure how to finish it...and along comes inspiration! Good luck! I know it will turn out beautifully (:

Karen said...

whatever you come up with will look great, i know! :) that site you linked is a really cool idea...i like the term "black thumb"...sometimes i have that! ;)

Cyndi L said...

Well what a cool thing that is! I am looking forward to seeing your project :-)

Eileen Bergen said...

The BHG flowers will be perfect! Don't you just love the serendipity?

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