Baby Blocks Quilt

I designed this quilt a while back and have made several of them in my quilting years. I made one with these fabrics, obviously. I made one with a teddy-bear-in-sailor-suits print with royal and tan blocks and a red border (Randy and Michaelle's baby, I think). I made one with a black-and-beige baseball print; the blocks were black and beige and the inner border and binding being red (Baby Boy Blum who is now 11-year-old Boy Blum). There may have been others, but I can't remember right now. Again, somewhere in my photo files are pictures of those projects---I'll look soon.

The Baby Blocks quilt was published in McCall's Quilting Quick Quilts March 2000 issue. I believe I still have the materials list for this one in my checkbook, so I can quickly pick up the fabrics for this quilt if I get inspired on-the-fly!

Now comes the part that I'm almost embarrassed to admit. The quilting that I did on this was minimal. When I got it back from the magazine, there was much more quilting on it than I'd sent it with. I just put diagonal lines through the 16-patch blocks, forming an X in each block. They added triangles in the plain squares in each section of the X. Then they worked meandering in the borders. These are things I'd like to have the chance to practice on my quilting machine.


Eileen Bergen said...

How is it going with that quilting machine? I'm so non-technical I don't think I could ever master something like that.

Your stories about the magazine and publishing process are just fascinating. TFS.

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