Three quilts in one issue?

I was really working on doing a lot of designing at the point when these quilts got published in the July 1999 issue of McCall's Quilting Quick Quilts. I must have been, because I'm looking through this issue of the magazine and I have three quilts in one issue--the Sea Breeze quilt I blogged about earlier was in it (p. 62), Fishy Fishy (shown here) on p. 48, and the Precious Posies wall quilt (p. 18). It was a stroke of luck to be sure, having three in one issue.

Don't let the size of these images fool you, these quilts aren't the same size. Fishy Fishy measured about 64" square, while Precious Posies was about 30" square. Both of these quilts represented the color assortment of the quilt shop in Florida much better than some others I made during that period of time. I think I used a cookie cutter for the flower shape in the Posies quilt and I fused and blanket stitched the leaves along the border and the leaves and stems on the flowers (see the closeup image of the corner motifs).

I always thought Fishy Fishy would be a great play-mat quilt for a child, with the bright colors and shapes. And when I was at home with my folks and showing the Precious Posies quilt to friends of my Mom and Dad, one of their friends wanted it if I were ever to part with it. Problem is, I can't remember which one of their friends wanted it, so I still have it and they don't (and if you're reading this, leave a comment)! I finished these quilts in the cold winter months (Jan. and Feb.) of 1999 while living in the farmhouse where I grew up. As was my MO from living there, I remember setting up my sewing machine on a card table in the living room so I could watch TV while sewing.

So there it is, my pinnacle of quilting success--three projects in one issue. And as I look back over my blog posts over the past year, I don't think I've finished a single quilt project. That's got to change in 2010--I really miss designing and making quilts.


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