Before the quilt shop in Florida, there was Northwest Arkansas...

This quilt has never been published, though it's a traditional double Irish chain. This was another incident of the same lesson learned--as in the music quilt, the border fabric was too distinctive. Both of these quilts were made within a year of each other (1996-1997), and both before I started to submit to the magazines, so I hadn't learned the lesson yet.

The quilting in this one is minimal--I hand-quilted leaves in the open areas and I stitched diagonal lines through the chains. The border fabric, however, is a fabric that I loved. My friend and former coworker Jeanne Field had passed it on to me, and I worked it into this piece a few years later. I used to have this quilt in my office, as it fit nicely on my big bulletin board. Now I have a 30s repro off-center log cabin quilt up in there--oh, I should take a picture of that too and share it here, shouldn't I?

At the time I was designing this quilt, I didn't label or name them, so this will have to remain the "Northwest Arkansas Double Irish Chain Fall Quilt".


Jenn said...

I just stumbled upon you. I love the layout of your blog. Did you design it yourself? So fun! Your quilts are beautiful. Where in Wisconsin do you live?

Linda Augsburg said...

I didn't design it--it was a layout that was posted for free from the designer.

Thanks for the compliments about my quilts. I'm in the Milwaukee area.

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