Flowers--great color inspiration

I celebrated my birthday the other day. And I'm lucky and grateful that this year, there were lots of flowers. So I'm sharing some flower photos, not to brag, but to showcase the great color combinations that will serve as inspiration down the road.

First, my friend Lynn dropped off a bouquet of assorted flowers, which I love. In the office vase they went. Then my coworkers and pals Cathy and Hazel dropped by with a bundle of pink gerbera daisies. But with only one vase in the office, I had to find a way to make it work. So I trimmed the gerbera daisy stems and used them as a cuff, if you will, for the mixed flowers.

Then a bouquet was delivered from my honey. Love the colors in this one. Shades of reds and oranges, yellows and greens (analogous colors on the color wheel)--things we're afraid to combine in our wardrobes or craft projects for fear they'll clash that work together beautifully in nature. I'm sure there's a lesson there about being brave and taking chances with color.

And finally, another fall bouquet from my honey's parents. they combine contrasting colors--oranges/reds/yellows and purples for great impact.

I find myself thinking that playing with these color combinations in quilts or cards or other venues might be a lot of fun.....


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