Keeping my cool

Quite literally, I'm trying to keep my cool. We finally had a nice cool-down overnight, so it's not SO hot today. But I got my window air conditioner set up in my bedroom window last night, so at least I know that sleeping will be comfy this summer. And if I need to, I can always open the whole house up and use fans to point the air into the other rooms. The one downfall with this 1920s flat is the lack of air conditioning, but since I'm six or so blocks from Lake Michigan (& it's always cooler by the lake), I haven't run it very often over the last few summers.

I don't really have a creative update, except to say that I haven't had much time to be so lately. Work is very busy and I'm spending time there afterhours when I can. Last night was a hair appointment--Danielle colored it for me and she warned me twice that it would be a shade or two darker. Now I understand what she meant by that. It's more red brown than red--she meant darker, not redder. But I'll either get used to it or I'll have her put some highlights in to even it out a bit. A far cry from a year ago when I was blonde (see profile picture). We'll see if I can get some pictures up soon. I'm attending a wedding and a shower this weekend, so I may have the opportunity to snap a few pics.

That's all for now. Since I won't have creative time this weekend, I thought I'd at least share a little update of life as it is right now.


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