What am I wearing??

A friend of mine suggested that I start every blog with "what am I wearing." I'm not sure if he thought I'd get all the fashionistas to my site or what he meant, but I'm not going to do that right now because I'm a "Glamour fashion don't" right now. I got half changed when I got home, so I'm in officewear on top and fleece pants on bottom. I'm planning on going out dancing tonight, so I figured I'd change again anywhere, but here I am as a "horrible reminder" instead of a "good example."


Cyndi L said...

"What I'm wearing" would consist of jammies, just as often as possible! Yup, I'm a Glamour Don't most of the time :-)

Linda said...

Cyndi L,

I wholeheartedly agree. Fleece, flannels, etc. are my wardrobe of choice around the house once November arrives. I even have a pair of fleece footie pajamas for the really rough days. :)

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