Unbelieveable klutziness

So last night I repaired that ornament and tonight, I broke it again. No joke. It was sitting on my ironing board (I know, terrible idea) and I was moving my laptop from the living room chaise to the dining room table and the cord of the computer knocked the ornament to the floor. As happens to glass ornaments when they land on a hardwood floor, it shattered. So glad I glued that top on the ornament. Luckily this time, the broken glass didn't cut any threads. So now, I just have to clip the bottom ring and string it back up again over another glass ornament.

The most unbelieveable part is that I didn't totally melt down or swear a blue streak when it happened! Maybe I'm not as stressed as I thought I was.

Have a good Christmas and may your stress level be easily managed this holiday season.


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