Ornament Thursday part 2

It's Ornament Thursday! Thank goodness Tuesday was a snow day, or I might still be finishing my ornament. I knew that stash of supplies in my craft room would save me!

My ornament is embroidered with silk ribbon on a navy felt background. I even added red glass beads to make all the bead gals in this exchange smile!

Silk ribbon embroidery is simple and I love the effect. The poinsettia and the dark green leaves are ribbon stitch—a special ribbon embroidery stitch, not a typical embroidery stitch. The little yellow buds and the center of the poinsettia are French knots. The green stems are feather and fly stitch. The beads are just stitched on with thread. I cut a freehand rounded-corner rectangle shape and another for the back, added a ribbon hanger, and stuffed it and it's done!


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